Dear Friends,

I have had the great pleasure to be the Executive Director of Ponycon with my business partner and best friend Karen Wills. Let me begin by expressing that my heart is overflowing with gratitude to everyone who has touched our event. I am humbled completely by the dedication and effort put in by hundreds of people to make this weekend an unqualified success.

That being said, Karen and I have decided that this will be our last year to produce Ponycon. I know the level of work that went into pulling this production off and I believe that we couldn’t have done better. The significant personal investment, both financially and of our personal energy, time and health was great and we decided to end our effort on the highest of notes. I believe we set a new standard for conventions across the board. Above all, we hope that our entire production has exuded the values taught by the show we all love.
At Ponycon, one of our core values has been gratitude; for the friends we’ve made, the people who supported our vision, the attendees who’ve experienced that vision and the guests and creators who shared their amazing talents with us. Our favorite characters on My Little Pony demonstrate what heights we can attain when we work together. All of us have experienced the magic of friendship. I see jaw-dropping works of art, performances, and conventions from all around the world when we work as a team. When we avoid judgement and move with a mindset of service and thanks to our fellow humans and for the amazing experiences we have had the opportunity to share, we do credit to our amazing culture and values that we have derived from the world of MLP.

Our singular mission as an entertainment company has been to make people happy through the vocation that MLP has given us. As convention runners, we are faced with thousands of impossible choices. We have always tried (and sometimes failed) to make choices that make all of the people who come to Ponycon happy. Balanced on the other side of our choices is practicality… both financial and what is achievable in the limits of our energy and ability.

I have had the great pleasure to hear so many times that Ponycon and our community have changed lives. I know it has changed mine so much for the better. I now have an incredibly close family filled with light and love. We will be continuing with Bronies NYC; our monthly parties, art guild and museum meetups, pool parties, hikes and other family events. The spirit of Ponycon will certainly continue there!

Again, I want to express my sincerest thanks to all of the people that participated in Ponycon this year. The amazing amount of high quality work that was achieved this week by our staff, crew, guests, panelists, artists, performers, vendors, and attendees will leave me in awe for years to come.

Thank you all again,

Keith Butler
Executive Director, Ponycon

P.S. We have the most amazing video and photos coming. Photos will be up next week and video will take a few weeks, but it will be up soon!